Evie's poetry and short stories appear in literary journals, magazines and anthologies including Beatdom Literary Journal, Decanto Magazine, CUT UP! (Oneiros Books - Paraphilia Magazine), O Ecuador das Coisas, Network Ireland Magazine, Eat my Words (Gumbo Press), Scraps : A Collection of Flash Fictions (Gumbo Press) and Elsewhere Literary Journal. Her poem, 'The Elephant is Contagious' is now a short film.

Evie lives at works at Cullenagh Stables in County Waterford.


Tuesday, 8 August 2017


We pretended the empty calf cubicles were streets of houses in an imaginary city, with pallets for tables and blocks of wood for chairs.

We galloped around the empty silage barn on sticks, our bailing twine reins carefully attached.

We built tents from silage wrap held up with tree branches.

The river was an imaginary sea and the sand banks a chain of islands we'd reach with makeshift rafts.

We'd cross the vast ocean to explore the small wet splinter of woodland whose trees we climbed. It was our jungle and with rope strings, we'd swing into its heart to build safe caves under ferns and fallen branches beneath the clouds of butterflies.

The toy room was a vast city in which margarine tubs transported dolls to schools beneath chairs and to homes hidden behind curtains.

The steep stairs was a city bus, each step a seat from which we'd peer through bannister framed windows at the streets below.

The decorative shapes on the carpet were lines on a road map that took us to exotic imaginary worlds.